How to use SQL instead of dbsqlite

Hey Mosh!! In chapter 12 you said that you will tell to how to replace dbsqlite from SQL. This is topic is pending

waiting for reply anybody in community knew this how to do this

Its simple …

Either you used MySQL | xmapp

Better use xampp

Try this

Install xampp
Start apache and MySQL(default port 3306)
Find one suitable library to import it in python
(When I was using flask I used sqlalchemy)
Create database and give it a name
After importing it’s is mandatory to configure your settings
Something like this

config[ 'MYSQL_HOST' ] = 'localhost'

config[ 'MYSQL_USER' ] = 'username'

config[ 'MYSQL_PASSWORD' ] = your pass''

config[ 'MYSQL_DB' ] = ` your db name

Then connect it , execute it , fetch it
These all methods you can apply better check documentation what ever library you installed