macOS+python+django+mysql-connector migrate error

Environment = macOS Monterey V12.5 M1Max with Visual Studio Code + Python 3.10.6 + Django 4.1 + PIP3. Have successfully installed mysql-connector-python-8.0.30. Current dbsqlite3 has populated tables. When I run python migrate from dbsqlite3 to MySQL Community 8.0.30 the error messages include “Did you install mysqlclient.” Oracle documentation indicates the mysql-connector-python should be used and is all that is needed. Current DATABASES = { ‘default’: { ‘ENGINE’: ‘django.db.backends.mysql’, ‘NAME’: ‘DatabaseName’, (These are the same settings in MySQL Workbench and mySQL that is running in shared mode) ‘HOST’: ‘’, ‘USER’: ‘root’, ‘PASSWORD’: ‘DDDDDD’,

Question: Are there separate configuration settings [options] to remove mysqlclient and replace it with mysql-connector-python-8.0.30?