How to use JSON ARRAY from mySql

Hi, I’d like to format appropriately Json array in order to iterate through the entries. I’m using Mariadb, Node/Express and Handlebars. What I’ve manege to get from the database is


But this is a string and I don’t have an idea how to access individual elements (I have an access to the entire array but not to individual items). Any suggestions are welcomed.

You may already found the answer, but have you tried JSON.parse(<text_in_json>) ?
You can even run this in a browser console.

That’s the solution. But things become slightly more complicated when one works with a nested object/array.

If you are frequently dealing with JSON, then why not use Mongo? It’s somewhat odd that you have a need for dealing with complex JSON and your primary db is MariaDB. If you have trouble mapping data to your tables, you can use ORMs too.

Having no prior experience with rel.databases I’ve installed Xampp that comes with Maria, that seems is more preferable RDBMS by the web hosting providers.