How to install JS Text writer library

Hi there,

I would like to deal with text writer ( Draft.js, Editor.js, Slate.js, Editor.js, TinyMCE) for website blogs, however no idea how to install them. It seems all require something more then JS like React or Vue. Can I install them for vanilla JS? Is anyone over there who have experience?


I don’t know Vue.js but I believe it is based on Node.js tools just like React.
So you need to install Node.js. I advise installing the LTS version.

Then depending what you want to use as a framework you need to install a tool globally. I redirect you to the respective technology to know what to install.

I can tell for React and Angular.

  • React
    • npm install -g create-react-app to install create-react-app globally.
      Then create-react-app my-app to create the my-app project.
    • or npx create-react-app my-app to create the project directly.
  • Angular
    • npm install -g @angular/cli then ng new my-app
    • Or npx -p @angular/cli ng new my-app

Then to install a dependency, from withing your project folder type
npm install my-dependency or even npm install --save my-dependency.

What keyword to use can be checked on npm repo.

Good luck.

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