Help with React windows setup


I am going through the React for Beginners on YouTube and I am having problems to setup the environment.
I use to code 30 years ago and I am not used to the new way things work. I use windows and the instructions are for Mac, and, for example I am not being able to run the npm command line to upload and create the react-app. Please help.

Welcome to this community.

Setting up React/Node.Js is actually very simple.
You just need to download and install node.js and run a few commands.

I won’t detail the installation for it is rather simple. Just read and check. Should you have further questions on the install process you can go through my notes based on the free version on YouTube.

After installation you just need to do the usual version display to check you can access the commands from terminal.

node --version and npm --version

Then you just need to install the create React App node package globally.

npm i -g create-react-app i is short for install

Ultimately to create a new project

npx create-react-app my-app

The course still says npm instead of npx and it will work.

Thank you. I have it running!