How much time in days to complete it?

Hello, I am 4th year Electrical and computer engineering student. I am planning to take the Ultimate Java Part 1 to Part 3. I want to approximate the time to complete it. So if anyone who took the course can share his experience so that I can plan.

That depends on how fast you learn the material, how much time you have to spend on it each day, etc. When I went through it, I would stop and do exercises with whatever he was teaching. So a four hour course would take me ten hours because of all the pausing.

You could try to get through the whole thing in two weeks or it might take you two months or more.

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Thanks for your reply.

It also depends on your programming experience. If you’re an experienced programmer, especially with c-style and OO languages, then much of parts 1 and 2 will be familiar to you could potentially breeze through them in 2-4 weeks if this course is your primary focus.

The first two parts are very basic. The first focuses on language constructs and syntax like variables, functions, types, logical operators, conditionals/flow-control, and looping. The second part is mainly about OO topics like classes and inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, etc.

It’s not until part 3 that you get into more complex topics like generics (parameterized types), and concurrency/multithreading. This part also covers exception handling and collections as well as newer topics like lambda functions and streams.

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Thanks for your reply brother.

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