How do you use courses?


I have a question regarding my use of the course materials. I created a repository for each course I follow with Mosh, where I store different solutions to all the course topics. Even when I practice coding with Mosh, I put the practice codes in my repository on GitHub.

Now, I’m concerned that maybe this isn’t the right way to go about it and that I shouldn’t be putting everything from the course in my repository, as it feels like I might be copying Mosh’s content. I do plan to mention in my repository’s README that I used Mosh’s courses.

Is this the right way to use the courses, or should I change my approach?

Thank you for your guidance.


The “right way” is the one that works for you.
I could stop there.
I do pretty much the same as you do.
Simply I also include markdown notes usually.

You should use what you learn in your own projects to consolidate the knowledge.


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I have the same concern. Repos are private unless they were made from freely available content. For instance I first followed the free version of React 16 course which repo is public. Then I bought the full course and made the repo private.

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Thanks, I will change these repositories to private and keep them for myself :slight_smile: