.gitignore not working

Hello fellow students of Mosh
I am currently taking the Node course for a project I am working on for my university. I am trying to use .gitignore to exclude node_modules but it doesn’t seem to be working. First I thought that this might be due to the node_modules folder being under another folder. But even when I moved the .gitignore file to the same folder as the node_modules it’s still not working. Do you guys have any suggestions on how can I solve this?

what command you are using to exclude may I know

try this in bash:

touch .gitignore (creating file)
echo node_modules>>.gitignore (this ll add your file into git ignore))

note >> if you already add this file (node_modules) to staging area then this file ll not be ignored

My .gitignore file sits a the root of my project folder.
All that I have in it is:


That works for me.

This is indeed important.

What does that exactly mean, the staging area?

I am not using any commands over terminal. I am working on the project over VSC and that is how I basically created the .gitignore file.

Creating .gitignore by VSC or from terminal is both okay.

As a test you could create a new project, add .gitignore file and than do the GIT commands. Still the same problem?

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Git staging is an area where git allow to continue making changes to the working directory

When you do git add * (it means you add all your file to staging area) if you want to ignore some file it is necessary to add file into gitignore before running this command (git add *)

Well, before I do git add*, the .gitignore file is already set including the files to be excluded.

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So it’s basically trying to add both files, .gitignore and node_modules, to the staging area at the same time. But I guess it is supposed exclude node_modules in this case right?

I didn’t get you let say

I have 2 file in a root folder (file1.py and file2.py) but I want to ignore file2 and commit

Here what I do

git init
touch .gitignore
echo file2.py > .gitignore
git add * (.gitignore and file1 ll be added)
git commit -am"initial commit"


Lets edit file2

git status
(You ll see a message nothing to commit )