Format Document

In lesson 1-8 of the python course, I can not use “format document” in the command palette. I have installed many text formatters in VScode, like the suggested ones and XML tools, Json tools. Still, I face below error. Can anybody help, please?

Error: There is no formatter for ‘plaintext’ files installed.


Can you share a screenshot of the error?


I get an error (in the first picture), but even after installing all the recommneded extensions the issue still exists

Try clicking Install Formatter

I have surely done this! Is there any specific extension for ‘plaintext’ formatter that you know it would help?

I never used any extension for a formatter
Mosh never asked to install any extension for code formatting *ig

Try to uninstall VS Code and then install it again
*hopefully it can help…

I would ask myself why VSCode thinks that the file is “plaintext” instead of “python”. Did you name the source file correctly with a .py extension? Does any of your other extensions mess up the detection of python files? Can you change the file type manually to Python by clicking on “Plain Text” in the status bar?

Thanks for your help Sam, I figured out that my python was not installed properly. That was why I got the error.

I have no idea bro, am starting, can anyone tell me how are these courses done, i want to pay but I don’t have any idea how are things going on here