FizzBuzz exercise solution

Hey guise, I’m looking for some feedback on what y’all think of my solution I came up with on the FizzBuzz exercise. I had to google how to code the divisible part of the code, but once I got that I found a solution.

I didn’t watch his solution until after I came up with mine. He says in his solution part of his code was “redundant” or something, I think my code just happens to cancel that out by using boolean variables, where I later translate the true/false into a String by reading the users int value. I think I got lucky figuring this out actually haha :slight_smile:

code below. Let me know what ya’ll think :slight_smile:

    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;

    System.out.print("Number: ");
    int userInput;
    userInput = scanner.nextInt();
    boolean FizzBuzz = userInput % 5 == 0 & userInput % 3 == 0;
    boolean Fizz = userInput % 5 == 0;
    boolean Buzz = userInput % 3 == 0;

    if (FizzBuzz){
    } else if (Fizz){
    } else if (Buzz) {
    } else