Financial incapability

Am totally new in the world of programming and as it is i cannot afford the subscription because the currency of my country is weak to buy anything that’s foreign and tangible. This why i plead, if any is willing to sponsor me through this courses, I will give 70% of my design or works to him or her. Thanks for your concern and support.

My country currency is too weak

$19 here is $1700

i don’t know what to do

mosh sir please i beg help!

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Can’t we share our payment?

u pay 9.5 bucks and i will pay 9.5 bucks?


tell me if we can share fees

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Yes We can, how can we communicate bank details

please send me your email to contact with you
I have a surprise for you

I have sent you the mail please refer it and contact with me through e-mail

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Ok, i have replied your mail.

Make sure everything is legit before giving any banking info. Someone agreed to help me and I had to get help from the fraud department. I am in NO way saying this person isn’t legitimate, just be careful.

We didn’t contact our banking details

Am thankful to both of you, Hamsitha and Alexander for looking out for me. I’m just a novice, in my country they say he that asks never missed the road. But you didn’t want me to go through what you went through and without asking, you’ve assisted me. I’m indeed grateful, God Bless you all.

Thanks a lot

feeling happy to help a lot people like you

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