Filtering History

I am at the sessions Browsing History, chapter4 minute 3:25 the filtering by ID doesnt work, I receive the following error message see screenshot. I am working on a Mac OS 11.73 Git version 2.30

I am looking forward hearing from you
regards Freddie

Didn’t know that feature. Checked the man and there is indeed such feature.
Tried it on a repo and it works fine.
You need to respect the chronology of commits.
That said I tried to not respect that and it did just display nothing.

Make sure you use existing commit hashes. Just display the full log without the range and copy/paste 2 of them respecting their chronology.

git log --oneline {olderCommit}..{newerCommit}


EDIT: I can hardly imagine when this is useful. What I do often however is just display the last commits by piping the output to the head command.

Thank you for your answer! It helped. I just rewrote the command and it worked.

Thank you
regards Freddie