Expo go: QR code

I am trying to run my react native app on my phone, but it cannot read the metro bundler QR code. I use the same network on my phone as on my laptop. And I am sure that I can read other QR codes on my phone. Please help(

Here is my QR code:

Снимок экрана 2021-12-16 003209

No error messages or warnings in the terminal? Does it show the correct IP below it ? Something like this?

› Metro waiting on exp://
› Scan the QR code above with Expo Go (Android) or the Camera app (iOS)

I tried reading your qr code with a standalone qr reader and it just gives a random string of numbers ‘848997016777’ but reading my own shows ‘exp://’

Maybe because it’s a picture from a screenshot but it should work as a picture.

Sorry I have no idea how to assist or what could be causing this but I would try killing the server, closing the open metro bundler tab in the browser and starting over to see if something just bugged out the first time and messed up the QR code.