Expo could not be found in this project

I have installed expo using npm install expo-cli --global but whenever I try to do npm start or expo start I get Expo could not be found - have you run yarn install or npm install yet? any ways to fix that?

Even though you installed Expo globally, I think you need to create an Expo project (folder) with expo init before you can run expo start. Did you do that?

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yes I did and in fact I went a step further an error popped saying like you need to install expo-status-bar and I did that and after that running expo start I got an error saying something along the lines of couldnt fine a module in react-native/package.json (and in fact if I check the node_modules folder I cant seem to find the react-native folder even tho I did npm install react-native) and it gives me an error stack thing dont know what to do

I checked the node_modules folders on one of my React Native projects and yes, there is a react-native folder. You might try deleting your node_modules folder and then running expo install or yarn install – which will reinstall all the modules/libraries listed in your package.json folder. This gives you a “fresh” build to work with.

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I will try to uninstalk node completely and reinstall the latest version that works on win 7 hope this will work