Setting up backend

Hi Guys I’m having problem running the backend.
I already typed 'node index.js ’ and npm i at the backend folder itself.

Tried to go to browser to see if it works but it doesnt. HELPP MEEEE

helpppp me! pleaseee

anyone here could help meee?

It looks like when your computer tries to run index.js, the very first thing it does is look for the express package – and it can’t find it.

If your package.json file includes express in its “dependencies” section, that package gets installed when you run yarn install or npm install (depending on which package manager you’re using). Did you do that?

You can also use yarn add express or npm install express to manually add the package.

Hi, I have similar problem, can you help me?

These are sometimes tricky to resolve. I did a fair amount of research, but wasn’t able to find any easy answer. You might read through this long thread and see if anything here makes sense to try:

Maybe a simple answer is available. Make sure index.js is at the root level in your Backend project folder.

Dave (just another student)

Hi, did you manage to solve your problem? I have the same issue currently, it cannot find the index.js even though it is there