Exercise 10 Javascript no explanation

Take two numbers and return the maximum of the two.
What does this mean?
Also Mosh asks to then 'Call that function, give a different argument, and make sure its working properly.

I have no idea what this means.

I am very new to programing obviously. Unfortunately I do not so far think this is a good way to learn. Mosh is very clear at explaining, but then says something that I do not understand at all.

It asks you to write a function taking 2 numbers.
Then when you wrote that function, yo just need to call it to make sure the result is working as expected.

I won’t do your assignement but let me show you an example.

take a number and return true if it is strictly above 50, false otherwise.

function isAbove50(n){
   return (n > 50) ;

isAbove50(50); // false
isAbove50(51); // true

Good luck on your assignement.

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