ER diagram for sql_story

I am doing the SQL course so I would like to inform you only if i can have (sql_story) ER diagram or a diagram for it.

Is it sql_store you are referring to?
If so I’m pretty sure you can reverse engineer the database in MySQL workbench and it will produce the ER diagram.

Hi Sir exactly I meant ‘sql_store’ + 'payment & payment methods ’
I am just a beginner now I am in “Retrieving Data From Multiple Tables” from the course
So I wanna make it my project for college that’s why I need it er diagram or whatever diagram I find from you. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
best regards

payments & payment methods are tables in the sql_invoicing database
So in MySQL workbench hit ctrl + r or select database → reverse engineer → select…next & then next again → Then select the databases you want (sql_store & sql_invoicing) and that should produce and ER diagram for the selected databases

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thanks a bunch, Sir…