Equivalent for ASP .Net GridView?

I have used the GridView/Repeater in WebForms in the past but after the current MVC course i did noticed Mosh used DataTable which i think is the equivalent for the Gridview in ASP .Net WebForms.

This is great for tasks that have rows but is there another control/plugin i could use that works like the Repeater to display products and images giving the Sort functionality etc like the dataTable? Or can the dataTable be used in this manner to have an image, title, button etc in one cell for a list of products?

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I never worked with WebForms myself.

Now for the web I would use simple tables. Features like sorting, filtering could be achieved using something as DataTables just like shown in Mosh course.


Thanks. So you’re suggesting using a general HTML table and use the ID just like it was used with the datatable which will give the same functionality?

As I told I never used WebForms but I guess it is equivalent to other things in the .NET stack like DataGridView or ListView which are very pleasant and fairly simple to use. That said web means table basically.

I just found a page that might interest you