Entity Framework many to many joining table entity (CRUD OPERATION)

I am new to Entity Framework, I wanna know how to add updates, or delete data from the Joining table which is automatically created from the code first approach when using many to many relationships between models. Please help me with this query

Could you please provide a bit more context?

Are you using annotations to create tables of fluent API ?

Personally I rather use stored procedure to avoid working with many to many with EF.


Hi again.

I did spend a few hours on this last easy Saturday making a few demos from scratch.

Just read the code, clone the repo and have fun with the code.

There are also notes on what happens in there.

Hope this helps.


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I created two table with Many to many relationship that created one more table in db example i created student and courses and automatically studentscourses got created. I want to know to insert record in studencourses, how to edit any old record in studencourses and also delete e