Doing Joins with EF and Repository pattern

Im following the tutorial for EF6 along with the PlutoContext examples

I have generated the default code with an IRepository etc and then my Products class implements that class + my IProductRepository for any additional methods. This is what i have so far

public class ProductRepository : IRepository<Product>, IProductRepository
    private readonly SomeContext _context;
    public ProductRepository(SomeContext context) : base(context)
        _context = context;


Most classes dont have the _context available but i have a method where i need to Join the products with the categories as at present i only get the products and the integer value of category where i would like to retrieve the name of the category.

Would it be correct to use the _context as above in my method and then establish that relationship with categories? Something like

Public IEnumerable<Product> GetProdsAndCats()
    var pc = from p in products
                  join pp in _context.Category on p.CatId equals pp.Id
                  select p;

The syntax maybe a little off but as you can see i am using the _context module wide variable to join the tables.

Is this the correct approach?