Embedding - HALP

I have had two problems in this course that I could not independently resolve - I cannot embed videos to play on the page - they play in the developer, but not on the page - no errors are flagging - the set up and code looks just like Mosh did it, but it will not appear on the page much less play. Big blank spot.

ALSO and even more urgent is that I cannot successfully embed wed fonts - again - I did exactly what he did - the same file types, the same steps, the same set up. I triple checked everything - I refreshed. the font is not showing up what its labeled.

All I can think is maybe VS Code updated since these lessons to make this process easier but I do not know now what the instructions on these are. ANY idea what I can try?

Edit: Upon searching “embed” I see that others have had these same problems - any solutions would be very helpful

It would be nice to get to the bottom of this web font issue. I am using the latest version of VS Code and I’m not having any trouble. I’ve included a screenshot of my setup, maybe it will help?

So that’s different than what I have because its different than what he had but I can try that for sure.