Does anyone even read and answer these questions?

I really like the videos, but it seems like there’s Zero support. Posted this days ago and got nothing.

Does anyone participate here or is it just for show?

The answer to your question is in the text you posted.

There is an unused variable, in your pagination.jsx, on line 1. You probably have in line 1 something like import React from "react"; but React is never explicitly used in your src/pagination.jsx, so you can remove the import statement.

The path to the file is src/pagination.jsx. In the src folder, the pagination.jsx file.

But in the tutorial, Mosh says to include import React from “react”; in the functional component. So I’m confused. I don’t see these errors in his console.

People participate here but I don’t think that you can call this a really active forum and therefore I doubt there are many people who sit around here but only visit occasionally.

Also, keep in mind that you are asking a question about a new course and that many students of this new course have not yet reached the part you are holding at.

I forget what version of react this was changed but you no longer need the import react statement


we got side-tracked from the MAIN issue, but Yes, it’s true, there is virtually no support- and Life goes on. I guess(& pretty sure) MOSH does not have the required resources to delegate this to. My experience till now is & then summed up : Left to your own devices.

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Lucky I saw this.
Posted a question earlier today with no response.
Ended up going with a ud emy (pathetic how this place censors that word) course. Python in 100 days or whatever.

Active discord any everything.

Glad I didn’t part with any of my money on this site.

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I can say, the way Mosh explains and organizes the material is very comfortable and easy to follow, and I haven’t found an instructor like him on other platforms. But the way he manages his community and students is really bad. I mean, you can hardly find him replying to some forum questions, I don’t mean asking him to reply to all forum questions, but at least answering 1 or 2 recent questions isn’t bad.
I hope in the future he can provide an accessible space, like Discord.

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Exactly and given that he claims to have 10 million students overtime that means that he brought any beer between 10:00 and 50 million dollars at a minimum given his price structure over the last number of years. Which means that it sounds like he’s just too cheap to hire someone to look through the forum and answer questions from time to time which is a shame because he seems like a nice guy and he explains things great but when it comes to supporting a students I’m going to go with as long as he’s has your money he doesn’t care.

Hey Mishagos, yes - I wouldn’t expect to find much in the way of answers in this forum. Personally, I use ChatGPT to answer 99% of my questions - the other 1 percent is just me re-watching a tutorial to correct sytax errors.

What you do is copy and paste your code into ChatGPT and then ask whatever question you have about it. Works wonders for me.

And then pay these guys for the pleasure.