Docker ultimate course/Sample Web Application bug

I enrolled to the Docker ultimate course. Its great! However at the “Sample Web Application” section the react app in section4-react-app does not work on my Macbook Monterey.
it says “Attempting to bind to HOST environment variable”… and at the end it proposes to go not on localhost:3000 as in the lecture but to http://x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0:3000
it says to consult the page
Where should I modify the code to resolve this issue?

Did you solve your problem in the mean time ?
Wrong section. It is a Docker question I found in React section.

I did not take the docker course so I don’t know the context.
Could you please provide some details on the purpose and environment ?

I guess you had an image to pull or one that you prepared along the course.
That image uses the HOST environment variable, so it tries its default value. Because it have problems to connect there was a fallback address. Is it yours ?
Are you sure you bound ports properly ?

Try this (add -it should you respectively need input/output from the image):

docker run --rm -p {portToUseFromLocalMachine}:{portOntheImageSide} -e HOST={RelevantIPAndPort}

The HOST part is optional. Try without first. Port binding should be enough.