Docker - Sharing a code with the container

Hello Mosh,

After i execute the below command, the react app starts.

docker run -d -p 5001:3000 -v ${pwd}:/app react-app

After the index.html is updated, i cannot see updated title in the browser. Can you please guide what is wrong over here.


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Hi, I got the same problem.
I had to downgrade the version of docker and it worked. It might be a tiny problem with the version. I hope they would fix in the later version.

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Which version did you downgrade to?
I’m using Docker Desktop v3.3.3 for Windows 10.

I’m using Docker Desktop v3.3.1 (downgrade from v3.3.3)
Docker engine: 2.3.3 (downgrade from 2.3.5)
MAC OS Version

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could you send to me docker vidly project that attached to course to test it
email :

solution from stackoverflow

In short, Create a file .env in the app root directory


Run the command again and it’ll work.