Docker discount not working

I’m trying to buy docker for the discounted $20 however when I go to the checkout it’s listed as $149. Is there a work around?

Hello @theorion

I’ve got the same experience as well.

I sent an email asking the issue and got the reply like this:
They knew about the issue and will fix it asap.

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Sorry to hear that! We’ve fixed the issue. You can try again.

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Same with the Complete Python Mastery, it’s showing the full price without a discount code. Thanks!

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Hi @Mosh. I’ve bought the docker course successfully just now with $19

Thank you so much and wish you always healthy and keep helping people like me and others /\

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Python Mastery still shows as $10 and charges full price.

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Facing an issue with Docker checkout—shows $149 instead of the discounted $20. Any tips or workarounds, folks?
And BYBI Beauty Discount Code are not facing this issue.Use Code BYBIROC20 at checkout and get exclusive discount.

Interestingly, I’ve also noticed that the Discount Code, specifically ‘Welcome10’, doesn’t seem to face this issue. If you’re looking for an exclusive discount, you might want to give that code a try at checkout.