Python course price

How long will the python course stay at 19$??

This is such a great price!

I need to know soon so that I can decide whether to buy it or not.

sorry if i’m not allowed to do this

That’s hard to tell. Mosh released a new course a couple of days ago (Docker) at a very low price …and I see other courses with big discounts.

Docker discount will be until April 4, so an educated guess is that all courses will be discounted until the same day.

It keeps changing, sometimes it’s $10 (luckily I got it for $10 :money_mouth_face:), sometimes it’s $49…
But as of now, it is for $19, it can change anytime.
The best time to buy these courses is during a festive sale.

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Docker course is trash. Just completed it. Buggy as hell and the last 10 videos took shady shortcuts.

I bought it today for $15.