Docker Corse: How to download the npm project into a container?

I may have missed the part where you get the Node project into a Docker container instance. I’m using Ubuntu in my local machine and at the time of this writing, Docker Desktop is not available for Ubuntu so I’ve been using Terminal instead.

Let’s say I downloaded the project from the web/cloned from Github and now it’s in my Desktop directory and it already has the Docker file saved to it. Using Terminal (or any shell) how to load it to a Docker container?

I am not sure whuch section of the course you have reached but rewatch the videos. There is no Docker Desktop for GNU/Linux; use the terminal as Mosh says.

I figured it out. In Terminal but not in a Docker container you do something like this

sudo docker cp section4-react-app 24622202ff35:/home/john

where "section4-react-app: is the path to the directory, “24622202ff35” is the container id and “/home/john” is the path in the container that’s the destination.

I can tell it worked because once in that container, `````“ls /home/john” shows: