Do I need to have Photoshop to study the HTML/CSS course by Mosh?

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen a Photoshop mockup is used in the HTML/CSS course.
Is it mandatory to have Photoshop and to know how to use PS?

Or not?


It’s not mandatory. You can view the mocks with any free PS viewer. But it helps examining the mocks to retrieve the information needed. I’d suggest installing the free trial when starting with part 3 of the course.

You don’t need to know how to use PS. Mosh teaches the basic PS skills at the beginning of part 3.

Hi Sam,
There are three plans for photoshop.
Is the most basic (and cheapest) plan OK for the HTML CSS part 3 course.


I’m not aware of the details of PS plans. All you need is to be able to examine an existing PSD file, for fonts (Familiy, size (in pixels),…), colors, and measure sizes and distances of elements.

So I’m quite positive that the cheapest plan will be at least sufficient if not overkill. Even a (free) third party PSD viewer might do the job.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your email,

It has been quite helpful.