Django Vidly when login admin nothing under genre ? so the rest can't work. Please help!

I followed every step have no problem. till log in admin, and create Genre,there is no subline under it at all. I could not find the answer which step is missing, please help!!!

I think you were unable to see genre heading after login to admin ? If I am right

May be you forget to create a class in

Hello! I probably have the same problem. Mosh mentioned in lecture: ‘admin’, in ‘Building web applications with Django’ of the ‘Complete Python Mastery’ course that he has created a ‘genre’. However he didn’t explain how to create a genre in this video. The following lectures are going more in depth of how to edit features that apply to this Genre of Movies. I hope someone can tell me how to code a title of Genre. Mosh made an example of Genre: Action.

Update: I added a genre by putting it in the database (SQLite) itself. This is not how Mosh explains it but The Genre shows up in de (Vidly app) server. But When I try to add a Genre or Movie in the server (like Mosh did) I get an error. I attach the error message:

I am having this same issue. Did you get this resolved?