Django part 2- building the collections API- cannot post to /collections

No matter what I do i cannot post to /collections
it keeps on saying that the aggregate field products_count is required.
has anyone else been able to POST to /collections?

I get the error on POST:

“products_count”: [
“This field is required.”

Did you make products_count a read-only field in your serializer?

Here’s what I have:

class CollectionSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer):
    class Meta:
        model = Collection
        fields = ['id', 'title', 'products_count']
    products_count = serializers.IntegerField(read_only=True)

no I didnt,

that was the issue, thanks

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For sure, cheers! :fire: :fire:

I used like to avoid this error
products_count = serializers.IntegerField(required = False)