Django Part 2: 17- exercise: Building the Collections API

So for those who paused the video to look for a fix related to “products_count”, watch the rest of the video, a fix is given (which consists of several steps).

If you still have an issue, maybe you made the same mistake as I did: indenting the products_count line too far. Here’s the correct indenting:

I also want to give a feedback to @Mosh
Please, update the video of this 17- exercise. In the new one, mention right at the beginning the need:

  • to change “product” to “products” in the file
  • and add related_name=“products” to the model Product.

I understand these errors are an opportunity to search and solve BUT the fact is that it is coming from a mistake on your side, which makes it more frustrating. I also understand that this specific situation is not rare, especially because coding is always a team work, and so people make mistakes all the time. But again, I think that on the level of teachability, this mistake could/should be introduced as an exercise, mentioning that mistakes were made (maybe a hint or two). It’d be better than doubting about yourself, rewatching the beginning to double check for mistakes and then banging your head for not finding what YOU did wrong, AND then finding out that this was due to mistakes from the teacher…

This probably comes off as a complaint and I am sorry if it feels like one. I’m just giving my feedback as a consumer of the course and at the same time I’m trying to be constructive and helpful.