Design Patterns Part 3?

Where can I find the Ultimate design patterns part 3?

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It’s not released yet. says:

The third part is scheduled for late 2020 or early 2021.

AFAIK Mosh is currently working on his HTML/CSS course and the above statement was made before the pandemic so I’d take the early with a pinch of salt.


Please make the design patterns part 3 course

Hi, It has been more than a year since I bought the Design Patterns course and I’m still waiting for the third part. I would understand the delay if no other content is being created. But I don’t think is a good business practice to work on another content without fulfilling those what are already paid for. And I think waiting a year is already more than reasonable on my part to wait on.


Just finished part 2, was confused when I couldn’t locate part 3 for ‘creational’ design patterns, think I will aim to do this myself and then fire through the course when it’s ready…

Mosh did a great job interpreting the GoF patterns for ‘behavioural’ and ‘structural’, and it should make interpreting and understanding the remaining patterns for most :slight_smile: