Deployment of node vidly project via free

So from what I’ve through my deployment was in the middle of easy and a hassle. taking about 3 hours of messing with the url string. But i can confirm this course is still useful and given a few lines of deprecated code, if you use the form you’ll learn how to fix it easily which was like an additional exercise.

this post was helpful but i’d like to highlight a few differences

bcrypt had a error so i -npm uninstall bcrypt -npm i bcrypt js (same thing)
then change imports to -bcrypt = require(‘bcryptjs’) and it worked

you have to git push main not master

I got my connection string through v 1.11 or earlier, didn’t need to edit string or add quotes it does come with nameservers, i think i set up a dyno too. I did set up ip to all in dns

The next issue was the ability to run npm start costs $7 usd a month I turned it off and my app goes offline 503 service unavailable error

So i set up a web service works just the same, added my env vars on the side. I wanna say url parse and unified topology are defaulted to true now so aren’t needed to specify.
and it’s up and running, for free, no credit card even needed.

follow this if you need more help

Congratulations on finishing the course :slight_smile:

Would appreciate if you could document, the deprecated code and possible problems or just stitch it all into a single thread for the community.

thanks, and here are my problems and solutions good luck