Deploy "Done with it" backend in heroku

Hi everyone, I need help!

I want to deploy “Done with it” backend in heroku, but i just want to know if there will be a problem because the “assetsBaseUrl” in local, is my IP address (port 9000).
When I deployed that in Heroku, it’s not working (that is expected as the “assetsBaseUrl” i’m using in heroku is still my IP address)
I already tried changing the IP address that i have hardcoded by “localhost:9000”, however it’s still not working.
Do you know what are the changes that have to be made to make this work in Heroku? I want to publish my app in expo so people can use it!

I’m new with this, so, I really need help.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Laura,

I am getting stuck at this section as well. After i am successful deploy the backend to heroku and could not get the data from backend.This is my error

I am still working on them.