DataStructures: LinkedList of type Interger instead of type Node

The Ultimate Data Structures & Algorithms: Part 1

LinkedList - Solution: .addLast()

Application/Environment: MacOs/IntelliJ/SDK: Java 17

Please help!
My instance list of LinkedList class is showing in my debugger as a list of type Interger with values stored at index 0 - 2 instead of a list of type Node. The values for list.first and list.last are correctly showing values for item and next but these items are not correlating to var list in the debugger.
The left most screenshot shows my main() and debugger with incorrect type for LinkedList but correct values for list.first,, list.last etc. The center screenshot shows the LinkedList class and the screenshot to the right shows the debugger for the code in the tutorial.

I don’t see an issue here. The debugger shows your linked list with and without the implementation details. So if you look above it’s showing the same as the right side screenshot.

Hi, thank you for taking a look. The values are correct but the images are not the same. The corrective action would be to select list and select “View As…” and select “Object”. This would show the node values for first/next/previous etc. instead of just the int values in the list.

Thanks again for taking a look.