Course no longer matches VScode

Im restarting the python programming for developers course but im having trouble with making the VScode run

but it works if I hit the run and debug button.
How do i fix this issue (Im unfamiliar with VSCode).
thanks in advance

So it appears that python works
what is the difference between the $python3 and python commands?

Hi you can find more info at this link

but it really just is a platform specific implementation. I have a windows desktop and use ‘python’ but when I use my linux laptop I use ‘python3’

On Windows the command is python, on Mac it’s python3 on Linux it may depend on your system. The command never starts with a $. The $ ist the last character of Mosh’s prompt like the > in yours.

Thanks Guys
Im new to VSCode, Im use to using Spyder, which is much easier. But since Anaconda appears to be abandoned, I need to find a new editor.

Im not sure about VSCode at the moment, it seems very complicated.

Actually your problem had nothing to do with VS Code. You were entering a wrong command in an operating system shell.

yes thanks, I’m now aware. He explains it further into the course and others above have mentioned it

Just a thought —

With Python 2 a relic (e.g. unsupported and ancient), I got tired of the 2. v 3. overhead and simply moved the symbolic link in /usr/bin to point at python3

e.g. /usr/bin/python → /usr/bin/python3

You can do the same in Windows…

in fact if ‘python -V’ and ‘python3 -V’ return the same result, just use ‘python’ and ignore referances to ‘python3’

(be SURE to check all virtual environments …)