Course is incomplete

Has anyone actually finished this whole react native course? I’m like 90% done and I can see not everything he mentioned in the demo app is implemented. He did not show how to code the google map api, the messages screen and also the categories on top of the listing screen.

I dont see anyone complaining about this so I guess people just dont fisinsh the course

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Im currently on the Fundamentals course (part 1). By the whole course you mean Advanced Topics too? If so, and its not complete like you stated then I might go for the refund, was not cheap for me where I’m from.

Yeah I mean Advanced Topics too. You can even see his code at the end of the course and you will see the lack of features he mentioned when promoting the app. You can even see the hardcoded messages examples in the messages screen

This is such a pity. I was going to book this course too after I finish the Python course, but reading this gives me seconds thoughts. Specially because I also feel a bit ‘disappointed’ with the Python course, where it is promised ‘3 real-world projects’ and I see there are actually two…

I did kind of highlight it once here: Filtering on Listing Screen

I completed this course at least 3 times and the amount of things you learn if you are a complete newbie is out of this world and once you’re comfortable with Mosh’s approach, those missing steps from the course becomes quite easy with a bit of Googling … But I did feel let down initially with those missing steps!!

Hey! I am about to complete the second course, the Advanced Concepts part. What should I expect to be missing? I am currently in the Networking section. To be honest, I don’t even remember the features he promised at the beginning of the course. Like OP said, probably not expecting people to finish the course, and if you do you’ll have forgotten most of the stuff mentioned when sold to. I have learned a ton though, and the course provided a strong set fundamental code snippets to grow into other personal apps. Anything big missing though? Don’t really know what to expect in finishing the course.