Code runner installed, Python was not found;

Hi everyone! I’m just new to Python. When I tried running this code using Ctrl+Alt+N, I get this error. I don’t understand why. Please help me fix this.

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I think it works now. Instead of "python3", just type "python" in the json file.
In my case it’s line 12: "python": "python"


Thanks for the update, and glad you got it going.

It looks like you are on a Windows system, so python or py can be used. MacOs is sold with the older python version 2 pre-installed. This is why python3 needs to be used in place of just python. It distinguishes which version of python interprepreter you are using. Since windows does not come stock with python then the version you installed should be the only version there, no collision.

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@MTownsend Thanks for the info! Yes I’m using Windows and glad that I figured it out too :slightly_smiling_face: