Changing python -u to python3 in VSCode

Hello guys, In the Getting Started section, lecture 9: Running Python Code, Mosh shows how to open and change the json settings. My problem is that the three dots at the right corner do not show up in my VSCode and so I do not know how to access the json file and edit the code-runner to change the python -u to python3. I am asking this because when I tried to use the format string f-method it did not work and gives me a syntax error, it only works when I use .format(x, y).
Thank you

I had the same problem
just go to the extensions>edit in setting.json and easily change the setting. it’s a little bit different from the video

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Same problem here … I am not able to find the user settings for json on the new version of VSCode (1.52.0) :frowning:
the 3 dots are not on the right corner anymore!

Can someone help ?
Thank you! :+1:

Can you please explain in more details? I couldn’t find it

VS Code has been updated so not the same as Mosh’s videos. The settings you’re looking for are in the screenshots below. Just change “python -u” to “python3” There is no default or user setting visible any more.

then here

Then change “python -u” to “python3”.

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