Can't use node or download programs but still want to do courses

I have a unique situation where I’m using a work computer which has visual studio but is unable to download non-Microsoft programs because i don’t have admin access and am not willing to bypass it. On the setup for typescript Mosh says we need node.js but i can’t download it.

Would it be okay to follow along without node for learning purposes?

Also, I’m on the front-end track (and eventually backend) and want to do docker, react 18, git, node, and SQL tutorials as well. I think these all require downloading how much am I limited?

I do have a computer at home which i could progress on during the weekends probably, but it’ll slow me down cause my job leaves me with a lot of free time.

Have you thought about working on your own computer remotely from work? Or maybe rent a virtual server to work on remotely.

I’ve not thought of that, my main concern is obviously not violating work policies i’ll have to look into that. Much appreciated