Can't figure out error: "Paramater 'request' value is not used "

Hey there,

I’m right at the end of Mosh’s full python course for beginners - but just can’t figure out why I’m getting the following error at the Project 3 - building a website with Django’ chapter.

The error message i’m getting is: parameter ‘request’ value is not used

Screenshots of the code attached. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :grinning: - I’ve come this far, but just can’t seem to figure this out!

Your function accepts a single argument named ‘request’. At the moment, you are not using that value for anything. You simply return a string.

Currently you are not using the request parameter. But you will use it at some point as you follow the course. The important thing to notice is that this is a WARNING, not an ERROR. Errors prevent your code from running. Warnings are just messages to make sure you know something seems odd, but the program will still run.

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@JerryHobby thanks very much! :grinning:
With your comment I figured out that the problem was not with my code - but elsewhere.

All sorted now, thank your for the help!