Templates Issue not showing input data

Not sure what the issue but its not showing the input data I think its something wrong with the iteration and I know am i am deviating from mosh’s variables and stuff i just wanted to make it a bit more personalized for what i eventually want to do with the things i learn for this course


Urls.py inside playground



Hey how would i convert the queryset to an array cause when i tried accessing the list with
for products2 in products[typeWork] i get a template syntax error. I’m sorry im still new to this so i might be asking a stupid question

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I also realized that the data seems to not be put into the products in views.py as well as in the html file I added some specific data in the admin panel so it should add it into a database if my understanding is correct

I figured it out I had to redo some of the code and after messing around with it i got it to work fine!

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That’s great to here!
Please upload your final code here for others to see, It might help someone else.

fixed code for any help it may provide to others with a similar issue