Can someone help with VS Code basic setup?

I can’t seem to understand how Mosh’s terminal is so clean when running the programs.
My terminal ALWAYS has a ton of paths and text and it’s quite distracting.
Anyone that can help with this?
Thanks in advance

Are you using Windows, Linux, or MacOS? Mosh is using MacOS with, I believe, zsh as the terminal. You can customize the terminal how you see fit, but honestly, it’s not that important to the course whatsoever. It’s all personal preference.

Hi Wilson. I am using Windows. Not sure what zsh is (sorry, I am a real beginner). I installed the Code Runner extension, but it still doesn’t show the code, just the file name :confused:. Here is a screenshot:

Ahh, I see. Ignore the zsh stuff I mentioned.

It appears that you didn’t save your document. Try saving it and then running it again. You should see the “test code runner” text appear in the Output section.

Whenever you make changes, make sure to save your changes before running your code to make sure you see what you expect to see.

Wilson you are a GENIUS!! Thank you so much!!
I saved it and yes, now it runs.
So one last question, how can I “clear” my output (I am a bit OCD and I like clean esthetic screens and work environments
Here is what I mean -

Glad I could help. I can’t try it out right now, but try this out: How to get clear output in vs. code with CodeRunner without path and all, and also clear the output window every time automatically - Quora

Wilson you are an angel!! Thank you so so much. I am su grateful for this help.

Yeah. Install that Extention called “Code runner”. This is the write one

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