Can I do everything with Python and still get a job?

I’m not a big fan of JavaScript but LOVE Python. Is it possible to do everything with python, specifically the front end development? If so, what should I learn to that end?

Yes. There are frameworks that allow you to do frontend development in Python. See this blog for examples of Python libraries / frameworks for frontend development.

With that being said, you will severely diminish your job prospects if you are looking for employment as a frontend developer if you do not use Javascript (or frankly Typescript these days). More importantly, remaining flexible and open to using new languages is something I would consider essential in today’s ever-evolving programming ecosystem.

If you are just looking to develop your own stuff, then that changes things since you can basically choose whatever you want to do. You might look into something like Flutter since it is cross-platform (allowing you to develop for mobile, desktop, web, etc).

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All of that being said, if you do not like using Javascript (and prefer Python), I would recommend that you just look for a job as a backend developer using Python.

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