C++ Group Beginner/Intermediate

Hi all! I’m getting back into programing to finish my degree that I started several years ago. I’m re-learning everything, so if anyone wants to do some fun projects together, lemme know!

We can tackle the same projects together or do them separately and see what angle each of us used to get it to work.

I look forward to meeting you!

using namespace std;

int main()
const short maxValue = 6;
const short minValue = 1;

short firstNumber = (rand() % maxValue) + minValue;
short secondNumber = (rand() % maxValue) + minValue;

cout << firstNumber << endl;
cout << secondNumber;

return 0;


I’m only doing C++ in the background, but I’d be up for some kind of group challenge where a few of us tried to complete the same exercise each week and then comparing solutions / providing each other feedback (could use something like GitHub for sharing our code).