Beginner in python

I just signed up for a Python course and I am looking for learning partners. I am an absolute beginner to Programming and Coding. I would not mind having someone join me in this journey.

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Me too, I just joined the course and will start in it shortly … I am new to programming and coding too … It will be my pleasure to be your learning partner

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Heyy me too. So i was thinking to make a group on whatsapp or fb so that we can get help from each other n can even share practice problems.


So this is the group link of a whatsapp group.

Join this group and help each other.

Well the link has been taken off. So cant join it now. Can someone send it again?

Which link has been taken off you just created it right and I am there in that group that you had created it.

Yes, I would like to join.

I’ve just joined the group

I would like to join too

Me too please . It says the group is no longer active