Asynchronous programming in JS

Can we have a chapter in javascript which talks about async programming ? concepts like event loop, promises, async/await, etc … ?

At this moment these concepts are not available in JS course, However, mosh recently started to update the JS course with bunch of new concepts.

If you’re interested there are lots of sources to learn these concepts & I’ll mention those below:

There is also an amazing JS course for beginners from “Wes Bos” That has included all your desired concepts in his course:

If you’re willing to learn your mentioned concepts in video form then you must purchase that course, otherwise, you can go to the link below and instead read your desired concepts like an article:

Did he? How do you know?

He did a poll last month or so on twitter asking for which concepts should i update or add in javascript course, and i think he is going to first update js & then go for react or typescript