API Call is failling when done from React Native, but run to success when call from any browser

  1. an API is deployed in IIS, in server dev1
  2. then API, in IIS is set to run with a Service Account MPLTS_svc_ad
  3. API get data from SQL server located in Server weh1
  4. Service account MPLTS_svc_ad is assigned a db_owner role in SQL server DB in weh1
  5. I am using VPN and remote desktop to log into dev 1 and weh1, all in the same network, domain= MPLTS
  6. My local machine name is GTMTW93
  7. API run to success when call from any browser, in both remote servers, including my local
  8. API is failing when call from with my React Native mobile application
  9. the error returned is: Login failed for user ‘MPLTS\GTMTW93$’. Reason: Could not find a login matching the name provided. [CLIENT: ]

Any idea how to resolve this failure