Aggregates not functioning

I on the aggregates lesson. None of my Aggregate functions are working. None of them turn blue. I checked to make sure there are no spaces, i.e., MAX(), AVE(). They are still grey with no function. I am working MySQL from a Mac OS 12.2 (idk if it matters or not). Any suggestions?

Are you including the column name e.g. MAX(price) or AVG(price)? Do you have a screenshot?

I’m sorry I don’t. I have tried it w the column name in () no spaces, and without e.g. MAX() and it’s just light grey - no blue and no function.

hey , I am also currently experiencing the same problem. Were you able to sort it out ? if so can you please help with it as well ?

Hi, I have the same issue. Did you mange to fix it ? Can you share how ?