Aggregate function

I am in the aggregates lecture, and all of the aggregate functions are not working; I mean, they don’t turn blue.
please help

You have a space between SUM and ( .

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it worked but i still got an error message, though it still didn’t get highlighted in blue like in the tutorial videos. thanks anyway.

Hi, you have the wrong column name it is ‘invoice_total’ not ‘invoicing_total’ in the invoices table.

Also sum is not blue for me, its purple because its function it shows differently, I think because Mosh was on older version of MySQL Workbench thats why he was blue

worked just fine; mine is actually light gray.
thanks a lot.

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Hi everyone!

I am on the aggregate function lecture and I am writing the following code :-
SUM(p.amount) AS total_payments, as payment_method
FROM payments p
JOIN payment_methods pm
ON p.payment_id = pm.payment_method_id

I am getting an error :Error code 1055. Select list is not in GROUP BY clause. Mosh entered the same code and his worked

Mosh groups by date and payment_method .

@SAM Thank you for your response. Can you please help me understand why my code could be getting an error?

Thank you in advance

All SELECTed columns that are not aggregates should be GROUPed. That’s what the error message says.

If you have multiple payment_methods used on a date and group by date only - which payment_method value should the database return? Either would be wrong since the SUM includes them all.